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Michelle Lee Norman

Speech Pathologist

Michelle offers Speech Pathology services to adults requiring prevention, rehabilitation or progressive communication & swallow intervention. Functional communication, mealtime satisfaction, safe eating & effective conversational speech are key goals prioritised among our adult clients.

Since graduating as a Speech Pathologist in 2009 from The University of Queensland, Michelle’s clinical career has been filled with passion for improving communication, modifying meals for effective mealtimes & empowering holistic healthcare.  She is known for her graceful manner, intuitive nature, efficient management and successful results.

Michelle has worked with QLD Health, charity organisations & began her private practice, Sunshine Coast Therapy, in 2011. Her experience includes paediatric & adult caseloads in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, clinics & home based settings; across rural & metropolitan areas of Australia & overseas.

Michelle has continued her professional education throughout the years including certification in the field of Orofacial Myology. She offers several myofunctional therapy programs to assist clients across the lifespan. She has a passion for re-training speech & swallow patterns to improve muscle function as well as facial toning to reverse the signs of ageing. Her skill set is unique & diverse to help you achieve your best results!

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