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Nemone Sloane

Occupational Therapist

Nemone is a caring and innovative therapist, dedicated to your holistic care.  Always willing to listen to your unique story, Nemone aims to help you set and achieve inspiring and valued goals, so you can get back to living life in the ways that matter most to you. With a special interest in treating acute and persistent pain, improving functional movement and enabling independence for real quality of life- Nemone brings a wealth of experience and tools to help you to thrive, whatever your age or stage of life.

Having recently escaped the southern cities to return to her birthplace and live here in our beautiful Noosa region, Nemone is passionately learning to surf and stand-up-paddle and can regularly be spotted mermaiding around in Noosa National Park. Creatively Nemone enjoys all aspects of dance, music- especially singing together with others, felting, weaving and whole-foods cooking.

“Life is a daring adventure, or nothing” Helen Keller

The origins of the word “Rehabilitation”- mean “learning to live inside again”, to come home to our bodies, hearts and minds and be present and mindfully engaged in life. Nemone’s approach to occupational therapy will consider your valued relationships, your roles, your habits and life experience and your strengths- so that you know you are building on a strong foundation for success. From there, her skill in assessment and addressing barriers or anything that gets in the way, planning a path based on the latest research and tested tools, and working alongside you at a pace that suits you, will make the journey rich and meaningful while you work towards your goals. What would you love to be able to get back to doing today? Tomorrow? How good will that feel and who’s counting on you to get better?

New to the team at Encompass, Nemone is grateful to be joining a group of super talented, authentic therapists with exceptional skill, experience and local connections that make all the difference to good outcomes in community therapy. Encompass is a very open and encouraging company and the therapists with their warm smiles make you feel right at home as they go that extra mile to get their clients the best results in a friendly, all-encompassing way.


Integrating well with her skill in Occupational therapy, Nemone is also a leading professional yoga therapist.  Nemone has expertise in mind-body healing and takes a holistic approach to therapy, drawing on years of experience and training in up to date, evidence-based therapies including exercise physiology, yoga therapy, counselling and remedial massage and makes this relevant to your situation and goals. As an OT, Nemone is skilled in adapting activities including yoga to suit the individual at any level of function or stage of rehabilitation.  She has trained in and developed sensory-enhanced, trauma-sensitive yoga and specific yoga to enhance functional recovery for adults with pain, neuro-orthopaedic conditions, mental health or addiction issues. A mother of two daughters, Nemone also has extensive experience and a special interest in women’s health including pre and postnatal wellbeing and the challenges and joys of conscious parenting.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are” Chinese proverb

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