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About Our Sunshine Coast Home Healthcare Services

Encompass Health Services - Bringing healthcare to your home

Looking for Sunshine Coast home healthcare for yourself or a loved one?

Encompass Health Services bring the health professionals to you, including nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, social workers and nutritionists/dietitians.

Our experienced, caring, Sunshine Coast home healthcare team love what we do and are dedicated to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. We focus on supporting you (or your loved one) to be as independent as possible, so you can remain in your own home and continue doing the things that matter.

We look at you as a whole person and take time to understand your priorities, so we can tailor a therapy experience to help you achieve the most meaningful outcomes. Your family and/or support people are welcome to be involved in your home healthcare sessions.

We work closely with our referrers and provide regular and timely communication.

Who we work with...

Encompass Health Services offer Sunshine Coast home healthcare services for adults of all ages, including:

  • People living with disability
  • Older adults receiving home care packages
  • People living in residential aged care facilities
  • Veterans and DVA card holders
  • People who have retired
  • Working adults.

 We work with the full range of funders including DVA, NDIS, health insurance funds, Medicare, and home care package providers and Capital Guardian.

How can we help you?

Our Sunshine Coast healthcare team can assist you or your loved one with:

  • Therapy to increase your ability to do daily tasks like showering, dressing, preparing meals or mowing the lawn
  • Balance training and falls prevention to improve your safety at home and out and about
  • Pre-NDIS Comprehensive Functional Assessments for your NDIS application
  • Understanding and managing your own health
  • Navigating health services such as the NDIS and My Aged Care
  • Therapy to improve your mobility at home and in your community
  • Choosing the right walking aid for your needs
  • Therapy and education for managing chronic pain, aching joints or tight muscles
  • Difficulties with communication and swallowing
  • Dietary advice and support for achieving/maintaining a healthy weight or managing a health condition
  • Support to manage your mental wellbeing, including stress and anxiety.

Don’t see your needs listed?

Talk to us about whether we can help by contacting 0423 055 016, email us or use our contact form to make an enquiry today.

More about our Sunshine Coast home healthcare services...

Physiotherapist Wendy Jensen started Encompass Health Services as a sole practitioner in 2015, with the desire to create her ideal workplace.

“I love working on the Sunshine Coast. It’s great being free to work in real life situations in client’s own homes, to really understand their motivations and what resources they have so we can make a meaningful difference.”

Wendy has since gathered a team of experienced, like-minded therapists who know the value of what they do and are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for their clients.

“We get to know the ‘real’ person we’re treating, including their supporters and complex family arrangements. Our skills and knowledge become a resource for them. We work together with our clients in the short, medium and long-term to find realistic solutions for their challenges.”

Before qualifying as a physio in 2009, Wendy had an extremely varied work background, which included cattle and sheep farming, events coordination, and work in government health departments.

This has given her a breadth of experience that enables her to relate to a wide range of people. She only employs health professionals with a mature attitude and the ability to take responsibility for their own workloads.

Wendy also loves mentoring her team members and believes work should be a nice place to go.

Encompass Health Services - Wendy Jensen

Find out more about how Encompass Health Services can help you!

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