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About Our Allied Health Services

People you know.
Therapists you trust.

Encompass Health Services is a mobile and local group of dedicated, caring and experienced health professionals, passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of our clients.

We provide best-practice, holistic services through a comprehensive, team approach for residents of the Sunshine Coast.

We love working closely with our referrers, communicating care plans and working together on desired health goals.  We work with the full range of funders including: DVA, NDIS, Health Insurance Funds, Medicare, Home Care Package Providers.

By choosing Encompass Health Services, you will be using a service that you can completely trust. We offer a coordinated, holistic service – so you can be sure that whatever your needs are, we have it covered.

We are highly experienced. We offer only the best, evidence-based solutions and care for you. We put you at ease and give you that little bit of extra time and attention, so that you feel comfortable in trusting us with your health care.

We provide support to you and your significant others. If you have a spouse, child, friend or neighbour who is involved in your care, we are happy to involve them in your appointments and keep them updated on what’s going on.

We visit and work with Residential Aged Care facilities on the Sunshine Coast.  We can look after your loved one there for any of our therapies; recovering from a stroke, autoimmune disease and hands on massage.  If you are living in another State and keen to provide some additional care for your relative in Residential Aged Care, we can arrange to keep you “in the loop” about the care provided.

We work with adults at all stages of life including new parents, the disabled, returned veterans, working adults, retirees and older adults.

Do you need a PRE NDIS Comprehensive Functional Assessment for your NDIS application?  We offer this as a speciality item.

• Would you like to better understand and manage your own health?  Have difficulty navigating the complex areas of eg NDIS, My Aged Care.

• Do you have difficulty walking or getting around, inside or outside of your home? Considering a walking or mobility aid? Dont know which one to choose.

• Do you find it difficult to do tasks like showering, dressing, preparing meals or mowing the lawn?

• Do you worry about whether you’ll be able to stay in your own home as long as you like, or what to do if you can’t?

• Are you worried about falling inside or outside your home?

• Do you experience chronic pain, aching joints or tight muscles?

• Do you feel on edge, stressed, overwhelmed, not sure who to talk to?

• Do you experience anxiety, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

• Do you have difficulty with swallowing, speaking or understanding what other’s say?

• Would you like to lose weight or have more energy?

We would love to help!

Unsure if we can help you or want to make an appointment?

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