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Getting a Motorised Scooters with your Home Care Package

By way of background, we are in an increasingly demanding role from referrers and clients to satisfy those expectations for getting the best motorised scooter and having as smooth and timely process as possible. This mostly likely takes weeks, not days. This involves many people in this decision making process: The federal Government (funding), client (who wants to be able to get out and about), referrer (GP, and HCP or NDIS case manager and assisting client access under the funding model); family (who may be in agreement with getting a motorised scooter or NOT). It is often a highly emotional area, eg a client saying goodbye to a lifetime of independence with a driving licence involuntarily surrendered. A client is able to go into any retail outlet eg lakeside mobility, pay their money and get a scooter today! No questions asked and the retailer, other than having a duty of care, will supply them with that device. Some clients may just opt to do this and pay for it themselves rather than wait for government funding options. So, we are left with assisting them to access other government funding and for that money to be well spent to achieve their goals.
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Why choose Allied Health in the Home?

Allied health services at home are becoming more popular in healthcare. It's about more than just medical procedures and prescriptions. It's about improving quality of life, fostering independence and having a practical and purposeful daily routine. Home-based allied health services…

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