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Wendy Jensen

Director | Physiotherapist

Wendy is passionate about ensuring her clients are able to stay active and mobile throughout life. She also walks the talk, inspiring her clients by always staying active herself – hiking, gardening, swimming and spending time with her family outdoors. It’s not all about physical activity, though – she always welcomes an opportunity to sit down with a cup of chai tea, and sets optimistic, yet realistic goals with her clients. She believes that everyone can benefit from moving their body. But don’t worry if you haven’t been active for a while – Wendy is very encouraging and supportive and ensures that you are comfortable with everything she recommends.

Wendy is exceptionally skilled in multiple treatment styles and is highly flexible in tailoring her approach to suit each individual. She keeps up to date with the latest evidence in her field, ensuring you benefit from the best techniques. She is extremely organised and reliable – have a look inside her kitchen cupboards and you’ll know what we mean! Her aim is to guide her clients carefully through the process of ageing. She provides you with useful, practical advice, aiming to leave you feeling ‘richer’ for having seen her.

Wendy says this about Encompass Health Services:

“Working as part of a professional, close-knit team has paid dividends for my clients. Trying to get the help you need can be very overwhelming and stressful, but the team at Encompass Health Services makes it so easy. We help you work out what you need, explain the process using everyday language, and arrange everything for you. At Encompass, help is at hand!”

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