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Telehealth | Delivering help from us to you anywhere in the world

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Telehealth is increasingly available, and the need for a variety of health treatments on the rise, many patients and providers are turning to virtual platforms for  care that traditionally was delivered only in therapy rooms.

1) Easier patient access to mental health care
Telehealth services are provided via internet-based technology, meaning that patients and providers no longer need to be in the same physical location in order to get the health care they need. For patients having a great deal of difficulty getting from their home to an office due to travel distance, lack of transportation support, finances, etc. these virtual “visits” can make a huge difference.

2) Easier access to specialists
Living in a remote area used to mean that, in order to see a provider who specializes in treatment for your particular condition, you needed to find a way to travel sometimes great distances to get to them. With telehealth services, that is no longer the case. Now, geriatric patients with health care needs can get immediate access to providers who have the training and experience needed to treat them effectively, without needing to travel.

3) Convenience in scheduling, billing, and prescribing
Many telehealth technology systems are now designed to provide seamless integration of all aspects of receiving the care you need.  Having an ipad or computer monitor may be all that is needed to make this happen.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. As telehealth services continue to expand, we will learn more about how the health care field can is affected and how you, as the patient can benefit.

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